So Goes The Madness

by Deep Sea Thunder Beast

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Rjlan (machines of hate)
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Rjlan (machines of hate) This is a thundering wall of sound. From the dark depths of the sea comes the beast.
love it!!! Favorite track: Omen Eyes.
Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom Father to the Sirens, The Deep Sea Thunderbeast do not playfully flutter through the waves in silvery streaks. It surfaces like a nuclear submarine with flailing tentacles of Lovecraftian dimensions. Like a behemoth sonic kraken it churns the soundwaves into giant maelstroms and slashes the skies with streaks of lightning. Father to the Sirens, The Deep Sea Thunder Beast rumbles with the voice of mesmerizing dreams and visions. Strap yourself to the mast sailor; you're in for a ride! Favorite track: Here There Be Dragons.
Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Just look at the list of BC Reviewers already on this......The Who's Who of Metal.......if they like it......You can damn well guarantee you will too.
A little doom, a little psych, and a lot of stoner grooves.
Something for all tastes in metal.
I just have one question......where are Rodgers & Rote?
I am sure they will have something to say about the THUNDERBEAST! Favorite track: Famine Weather.
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released October 3, 2014

Written and performed by Justin Cota, Justin Voorhees, and Trevor Stutzman

Recorded and mixed by: Dan Maier at San Diego Audio Design
Digital Mastering by: John Cota
Album Layout by: Blaine Slingerland




Deep Sea Thunder Beast San Diego, California

DSTB is a band of three people.

With love we say, "We're all fucked," but together.

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Track Name: Doomsday Rituals
From sunrise to sunset
unanswered prayers
are being said, over and over again

The joys of charity
the longing of companionship
have been replaced with an impulse
to kill or be killed

Ritualistic indulgences carried out
in a most rapid and impulsive manner

Fortify, rationalize, this is ritual suicide
the scavengers of dead worlds

We are cursed with blind faith
when we have no resolve
its already over when we start to lose our minds

Alone, desolation
Track Name: Humanoid Beings Exhibiting Mindless Rage-like Behavior
Humanoid beings exhibiting mindless rage-like behavior

Foaming at the mouth
gaze fixed, bloodshot eyes
upon countless victims

Has it really come down to this?
I've seen horrors of the world, one by one
the guilt I feel hiding in shadows

Gnashing at the throats of the meek
without reason, indulge as they punish the weak

Entranced are the masses
as if under wicked spells
mangled is the spirit
spit in the face of compassion and sanity

Has it ever been a matter of survival
or just a means to satisfy
these brutal urges

Our minds are not our own
So goes the madness

Our thoughts are not our own
So goes the madness

We will not be held accountable

I've seen the horrors
so close to the abyss
I am no one
this guilt I feel
I hide in shadows
Track Name: Here There Be Dragons
Enter a real best defined by fear and despair
hastily tread through the gloom of the unknown
we're better off dead

there's no guiding light
there's no destination
scoff at fear and plight
blind ambition condemns us all

Here there be dragons
this is land is cursed
the stars betrayed us all

Glory bound, fear nothing found
yet the demons await our blood

If you believe the Sextant is on our side
the charts here in, spirit us to a grim unholy end

Beware the unknown
Beware unholy end
Track Name: Omen Eyes
This civilization is a sinking ship
cannot deny the sights that fall before these eyes

Rogue wave, a breech in the hull
of this nobel vessel, that spirits us through the darkness
one and only vessel, to spirit us through the endless seas of the cosmos

These visions have taken their toll
A white light to take us away

As if by a miracle
As if voices in the distance
As if by a distant future

Visions of the Earth
oh the sights before us

This civilization is a sinking ship
Track Name: Deaf Dealer
Through suffering we have managed to squeeze the truth
between the sharpest teeth
deafening sound distraction,
the static, the means of dissolution

Liars, liars
the lies that are told to deafen us

lies so loud they prove to deafen us from the truth
the words are spoken to poison our mind
to blur our consciousness

there is a voice speaking as clear as the days are long
but, deafening are the lies amplified
by the weight of our complicity
Track Name: Famine Weather
Lo, behold all the signs
I taste dismay and panic on the driest of tongues
I see the collapse of humanity

The air has choked our will
The seas now swallow us whole
The clouds blanket the sky

The Universe is starving us out
and hunger eats in

Famine Weather