Humanoid Beings Exhibiting Mindless Rage​-​like Behavior

from by Deep Sea Thunder Beast



Humanoid beings exhibiting mindless rage-like behavior

Foaming at the mouth
gaze fixed, bloodshot eyes
upon countless victims

Has it really come down to this?
I've seen horrors of the world, one by one
the guilt I feel hiding in shadows

Gnashing at the throats of the meek
without reason, indulge as they punish the weak

Entranced are the masses
as if under wicked spells
mangled is the spirit
spit in the face of compassion and sanity

Has it ever been a matter of survival
or just a means to satisfy
these brutal urges

Our minds are not our own
So goes the madness

Our thoughts are not our own
So goes the madness

We will not be held accountable

I've seen the horrors
so close to the abyss
I am no one
this guilt I feel
I hide in shadows


from So Goes The Madness, released October 3, 2014




Deep Sea Thunder Beast San Diego, California

DSTB is a band of three people.

With love we say, "We're all fucked," but together.

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